Health Safety and Environment

GeoGlide is committed to continuously improving the safety of work sites and educating employees on safe work practices, allowing them to demonstrate accountability for their own safety and that of their work colleagues. GeoGlide requires that every hazard and unsafe act be reported immediately, to minimize the chance of injury, increase awareness and improve the safety of their work environment.

GeoGlide‚Äôs Operations Managers, Coordinators and HSE Advisors are expected to frequently visit their facility and well sites to work with field crews to improve safety awareness.

GeoGlide promotes a healthy workplace where employees can enjoy a clean, organized and safe environment. They offer flexible time off and encourage their employees to find a good balance between their work and home life. They also offer a range of educational programs to support the well-being and career aspirations of their employees.

GeoGlide is conscious of the nature of its work and the potential impact it has on the environment. GeoGlide is always seeking opportunities to work with customers and employees to implement innovative ideas that reduce their environmental footprint.