Core Values

GeoGlide’s core values are: IntegrityTeamwork and Performance.


To develop strong and lasting relationships with their customers, partners and employees by deploying the highest standards of business compliance and transparency whilst agreeing and respecting clearly defined contractual terms to ensure an environment of trust and security.


GeoGlide builds teams both internally and externally to ensure that they gain maximum benefit of their collective expertise and experience. All members of the team are encouraged (within an environment of respect and openness) to contribute dynamically. By sharing knowledge, GeoGlide will greatly reduce exposure to risk in their projects and to their customers.


GeoGlide seeks to deliver solutions in the most efficient and streamlined way with minimum error, re-work and resources. GeoGlide has achieved this by structuring the business correctly from the outset, via a disciplined planning process they will accelerate their ability to reliably and consistently deliver their products and services. GeoGlide’s goal is to optimize well construction for exploration and field production performance.