Motor Servicing & Repairs

Make-Up Break Out Equipment

GoeGlide’s state of the art Make-Up Break-Out Bench ensures accurate and timely servicing of Drilling Motors. Its fully equipped workshop caters for Down Hole Motors from 2 3/8’’ through to 11 ½’’.


  1. Maximum torque capacity of 84818 ft/lbs.
  2. Capacity to provide a hard copy of the torque values that each joint is made up to.
  3. It has 25 tonnes of push and 20 tonnes of pull via a horizontal hydraulic cylinder for rotor removal and installation.
  4. It has a rapid spinner tool to allow the operator to make up or remove subs and motor parts quickly and safely once the joint has been “cracked by the rotating chuck”. (This ensures no crushing of the case from the use of stillsons or chain tongs).

Added benefits to you:

  1. Eliminate non-productive time due to Down Hole Motor failure as a result of inadequately maintained tools.
  2. Increased safety by removing unnecessary pipe trips and handling of tubulars due to underperforming motors.
  3. Reduced non-productive rig time caused by down hole issues.

For inquiries, please contact your GeoGlide representative or email info [at] geoglide-wp [dot] com.