Logging While Tripping

GeoGlide can provide Logging While Tripping (LWT) which provides a method of safely and economically acquiring open hole logs in all well geometries and hole conditions. The technique is more economic, uses less rig time, and has fewer operational risks than alternate horizontal and hostile well logging methods

Key Features

  1. 1185 Dual Induction.
  2. 1473 Compensated Dual Neutron and Gamma Ray.
  3. 1481 Triple Detector Density.
  4. 3102 Memory Logger.
  5. 1460 Spectral Gamma Ray.

Key benefits

  1. Safely log unstable wells.
  2. Less personnel required onsite.
  3. Less rig time required.
  4. Retrievable.
  5. Performs in all conventional mud types.
  6. Rated to 150.

For inquiries, please contact your GeoGlide representative or email: info [at] geoglide-wp [dot] com.