Measurement While Drilling

GeoGlide’s Measurement While Drilling (MWD) equipment can be run with either Electromagnetic (EM), Mud Pulse (MP) or a combined EM-MP transmission system. The flexibility in the system allows the tools to be run with eletromagnetic transmission where formation properties permit, and mud pulse when in a resistive coal environment.

The retrievable nature of the probe based system reduces the Left in Hole (LIH) risk associated with running MWD, as all of the electronics are situated in the probes, not the drilling collars. GeoGlide has never lost a string of tools due to a stuck pipe incident where the drill pipe has not parted.

The tool is equipped with:

  1. Focussed Gamma Ray for Geosteering.
  2. Directional MWD.
  3. Annular Pressure.
  4. Optional Vibration is available on request.
  5. Optional Resistivity is available on request.